Terms and Conditions


  • The Prize has a total prize pool of $1100 USD.
  • First place receives $1000 USD and publication at Letter Review.
  • Second and third place receive $50 USD and publication.
  • A longlist of twenty and a shortlist of ten will be acknowledged, who will also have the option to discuss publication.

Entry Conditions

  • The Prize is open now, and will close on 31st October at 11:59 pm (ET).
  • The Prize is open to writers from anywhere in the world.
  • Copyright remains with the poet.
  • Authors must be living.
  • Entries must not have been published elsewhere, including on blogs and on social media. Submission for assessment as part of creative writing courses is not publication as long as the work has not appeared publicly and wherever it has appeared is password protected.
  • Entries may be simultaneously entered elsewhere in the inital phase of judging. Entrants who are considered for the longlist will be asked to either withdraw their poems from consideration elsewhere within 48 hours, or withdraw from the LR longlist.
  • Entries must not be under contract elsewhere. Poems that are under contract elsewhere, or published elsewhere, will be removed from consideration and from the longlist + shortlist.
  • Works that have previously won awards are not eligible. Previously shortlisted, and longlisted poems are eligble.
  • The winning entrants grant Letter Review a three month exclusive right to first publication, after which Letter Review retains an indefinite non exclusive right to publication (you may publish elsewhere).
  • The prize money is inclusive of publication fees.
  • Refunds will not be possible.
  • The winning poems, and any poems from the longlist which are published, may be lightly edited before publication. The approval of the author will be sought in any editing prior to publication.
  • The author’s name, biography and image may be used in marketing and publicity materials and announcements, publications and communications relating to the prize winners.
  • In matters relating to conditions of entry, the decision of the organizers of the Prize is final.
  • Authors must include all requested contact details to win.
  • Authors may only enter in their own name.
  • Entries must be submitted unencumbered and unrestricted, with full first publication rights available to Letter Review for the winning entries.
  • The prize money must be accepted by 28th February 2023. In the event a winner does not take the prize by the time stipulated, then the entire prize will be forfeited by the winner.
  • Letter Review is not resourced to provide feedback concerning individual entries.
  • Entrants on the longlist and shortlist will please keep their inclusion on those lists confidential until permission is granted to reveal that information.


  • The judges will be Nakita Dass and Ol Adams.
  • Judging will be blind to ensure fairness: please do not include your name on the poem document itself.
  • No dedications at this stage please (can be added later if publication discussed).
  • Letter Review reserves the right not to award a prize, but this is very unlikely.
  • The decision of the judges is final.
  • Longlist will be announced in November 2022, and the shortlist in December 2022. The winners shortly thereafter.  


  • Poems may be written on any subject and in any style.
  • Submissions must be primarily written in English. Any non English phrases must be accompanied by a translation.
  • The poems must be original, and not infringe on existing copyright. The author must own the copyright to every part of the poem. Very light quotation from another work is acceptable at the submission stage.
  • Work must be originally composed in English.
  • Poems must have a single author.
  • Please do not submit anything obscene, libellous, unlawful, or defamatory.
  • Each individual poem must not exceed 70 lines.
  • All poems should be submitted in a single word document.
  • All fonts and text sizes accepted.
  • Please number the pages.

Submission and Payment

  • Entry is $20 USD for up to 6 poems, $35 USD for up to 12, and $45 USD for up to 18.
  • You may enter as many poems as you wish.
  • Entrants will receive automatic confirmation of receipt.
  • With your email please include a short biography of not more than 200 words.
  • Submit your entry to prizeforpoetry@letterreview.com