Announcing the Winners, Shortlist, and Longlist of The Letter Review Prize for Manuscripts, Poetry, and Nonfiction (July – August 2023)

It is our honor and privilege to announce the winning entries of The Letter Review Prize for Manuscripts, Poetry, and Nonfiction. Our sincere congratulations go out the writers listed below. Over the coming weeks we will announce the Winners of the Prize for Short Fiction. We hope you agree that these breathtaking works of literature have earned their positions as winning entries: We are tremendously proud to have the opportunity to publish them and bring them into the light of public attention. We publish work that we feel has enriched our lives in meaningful ways, and our aspiration is that our reading public share in these affirming experiences with us. Please enjoy, and remember you can assist The Letter Review’s literary mission by sharing these works with friends.

Winning Entries

Manuscript Winners

Nonfiction Winners

Poetry Winners


Manuscript Shortlist

  • Joshua J. N. Whitley – The Orichalcum Crown
  • Monique Wallace – That’s Not My Name
  • Sylvia Leatham – Hello, how can I help you today?
  • James Schannep – Social Vampire

Nonfiction Shortlist

  • Myra Virgil – The Real Canadian Superstore
  • Rebecca Lambert – The Snow that Surrounds and Isolates Us
  • Nicki Orser – Octopus
  • Tamara Wolff – Love Talk
  • Katherine Witt – Make Room

Poetry Shortlist

  • Aadhira Vellala – Hidden Perspectives
  • Daan Spijer – Cocky’s Despair
  • Cid Galicia – Like a Knife
  • Frances Owen – Postcards From Rome
  • Brezlynn Rose – Anorexic Misery
  • Stuti Sinha – Three Cities
  • Patrick McGann – Tellings
  • Maddy Bellucci – Dappled Island


Manuscript Longlist

  • Sarah Berke – Road to Redemption
  • Leslie Tall Manning – Feral Maril and Her Little Brother Carol
  • Dr. Maxine Meju – I Can’t Sleep: A Memoir
  • Noreen Kilbride – Laney
  • Mike Snow – Uncivil
  • Lisa Kingstone – The Light of Fog
  • Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt – Terrorist Narratives
  • Radu Paun – Of Iron
  • Vicky Oliver – Love and Suffrage in Manhattan

Nonfiction Longlist

  • Marcella Hourihane – Thirsty
  • Brian H Havel – A Promise to Keep
  • Samantha Kim – Define Moving
  • Fiona Deverell – Nebraska Was Easy
  • Micah M Rodrigues – Dead Soldiers 
  • Casey Williams – Embracing Autumn 
  • McKenzie Watson-Fore – That We Might Be Saved
  • John Siko – Operation Greenhouse

Poetry Longlist

  • Stephanie Bollag – Rebirth
  • Jess Patrick – Old Flames
  • Damen O’Brien – Directions
  • Katherine Van Eddy – Ars Poetica
  • Bill Quist – To Write a Poem About Your Father Dying
  • Adam Karaoguz – Four Second Delay
  • Suzanna C. de Baca – Go On Ahead
  • Caroline Elkington – So Dreadfully Awkward
  • Theresa Garee – Fostered Flame
  • Nimrada Silva – Saṃsāra