Deja Jones (Third Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

The Letter Review has given me the confidence to continue pursuing a path in creative writing. This opportunity has motivated me to just keep writing! It is easy to feel discouraged as a new writer, but this moment has exposed me to endless possibilities.

Mahara Heslop (Third Place in the Letter Review Prize for Flash Fiction):

I was stoked to receive the news I had placed third in the Flash Fiction competition. This will be my first published piece, and has renewed my determination to continue submitting work to competitions and publishers. Thank you to Letter Review for this opportunity.

Andrew Nest (Second Place in Letter Review Prize for Flash Fiction)

A big thank you to those at Letter Review who elevated my story to such great heights. The honour has inspired me to have confidence that my writing is worthy of publication. I am impressed with your website content. Writers benefit from being able to read stories and poetry from the very creative prize-winners. Letter Review gives generous access to in-depth interviews with writing experts and provides great general advice for aspiring writers. Thanks again for your service to the writing community.

Michael Dufresne (Second Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

I am so grateful to have my poem recognized by The Letter Review. I began writing “The Dangle Unreleased” shortly after my nephew died in 2019. I was teaching an intro to philosophy course during this time, and my nephew’s funeral just so happened to coincide with my lesson on death in Zhuangzi and Heidegger. I found little consolation in their philosophies, so I tried to make sense of my feelings through poetry instead. This poem was the result and it means a lot to me, so I was moved to see how much thought and care went into giving it a home. I can only imagine how much time and effort the staff of The Letter Review puts into hosting these writing competitions. Their endeavor to both spread people’s work to the world and provide them with financial support is something to be lauded.

Darrelle Spenceley (First Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

The Letter Review is an amazing resource for writers. It gives us the opportunity to read new fiction and poetry, and to access interviews with a wide range of people. It also contains a wealth of writing advice and opportunities. I feel very honoured to be part of it.

Andi Van den Berge (First place in the Letter Review Prize for Flash Fiction):

It was surreal opening the “First Place” email — I’ve never even placed before. I screamed a little, if we’re being honest here. The Letter Review is like a cozy little corner of the internet and I could spend hours exploring all its offerings. I am grateful to have my work chosen to be amongst the talented authors published before me. Thank you Letter Review!

Joseph Friesen (First Place in the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

I suspect I am not alone in this, but as an aspiring writer I struggle daily with the thought that I should just put away the pen and aspire to be something else. Thanks to Letter Review for helping me to hone my craft, giving my work a shot, and bestowing me with the courage to keep telling stories. 

Liz Solms (Short Story Longlist):

Us writers often spend time alone in our heads, alone at our desks, alone with the work. Letter Review has allowed for my words to emerge from the confines of my many walls into the light of recognition. Thank you!

Genesis Gerena (Longlist of the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Waking up to an email saying a literary platform such as Letter Review has not only read, but liked, my writing has given me enough confidence to assume I can pretty much write the next Harry Potter series. Truly, I’m incredibly grateful to have been recognized by such an impactful and valuable resource such as this one. 

Heidi Lehtis (Shortlist of the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Being longlisted for the Letter Review has given me an invaluable sense of reassurance and encouragement. It has been a long road to get here! I am grateful for the opportunity that this journal offers to write authentically for a platform which fosters creative endeavours. Thank you.

Isabel Coelho (Shortlist of the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

As many have stated before, probably more eloquently than I, writing is a lonely hobby. Letter Review offers the opportunity for writers such as myself to feel seen and recognized. Whether it be poetry, flash or short fiction, this journal gives many authors the confidence to keep working on their craft. Thank you, Letter Review. Truly.

Thomas Alan (Shortlist of the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

I’m not sure whether it was the half-dozen finger buns I just ate, or the fact that I just watched a group of middle schoolers eat a Brumby’s pull-apart like a kettle of flesh-hungry vultures, or maybe it was the fact that The Letter Review just contacted me regarding Sook’s success, but I’m feeling elated and queasy and nervous and ill.

Dennis C. Martin (Longlist of the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review provides a platform for new writers of all ages to display their work, and it also offers a wealth of instruction from the initial writing process through to publication. I feel honored that my story has been included in the Longlist for possible winners for the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories.

Tierney Acott (Longlist of the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review is an awesome resource for all things writing, especially if you like to explore new mediums and genres, as I am wont to do. Not to mention, it’s a wonderful hub of exciting and fresh fiction and poetry! I am honored and thrilled to be among such fantastic company.

Simon Turner (Longlist of the Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

The Letter Review is a great resource for writers learning and honing their craft, particularly the short story competitions. I’m always impressed by the quality of the stories that make the Letter Review’s competition longlists and shortlists. I’m grateful my story has been included alongside such esteemed company.

Nimrada Silva (Shortlist of the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

Thank you for taking the time to organise such a publication, for taking the time to read through endless entries and select pieces with careful consideration – it is vital work like this that keeps young writers like me going; it inspires me to keep on writing, keep on reading, and hoping – thank you for all the work you do; it means a lot to me, as I’m sure it does to anyone who values art and creative expression.

Emma Moylan (Longlist of the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

Letter Review has introduced me to a diverse range of voices and perspectives, which have expanded my understanding of what is possible on the page. Your commitment to showcasing new and emerging writers has connected me with a community of like-minded individuals who share my passion for the written word. Thank you for providing a platform for writers and readers alike to come together and celebrate the art of writing.

Sarah DeLassus Carson (Longlist of the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

Letter Review has created a space for writers to share, learn, and celebrate together. I find new pleasures with every click, whether I uncover an inspiring work of art or poignant guidance to improve my own prose and poetry. I am so proud to be included in this community of writers.

Von Wise (Longlist in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

Letter Review is such a beneficial resource for writers who want to share their work. It’s great to have a place to send writing, read writing, and review the craft. It can be difficult to juggle all three, and so having a home for everything not only helps to unify the process, but also creates the sense that we’re a community of writers engaged in something bigger than our individual efforts to get our work out there. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my work with Letter Review and to be a part of that community.

Ed McManis (Longlist in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

As a writer, I spend much of my working time in silence. Fine. But sometimes that silence creeps into isolation. How wonderful then to connect with Letter Review, fill the silence with other voices, stories, poems, insights, all the wonderful things that edify this profession. Thanks, Letter Review, for taking me into your room with a nightlight.

Charlene Cason (Longlist in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

I’ve only recently discovered the Letter Review’s intriguing and invaluable website, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the work of past competition winners as well as the interviews and articles about the craft of writing. In fact, I’ve printed out a few articles, to read in my “spare time” (and we know how little of that we writers actually have!). Thanks so much for helping us all to grow through reading what’s offered on your website; if we’re wise, we realize that we must always be learning more about our art.

Noah Wilson (Longlist in the Letter Review Prize for Flash Fiction):

Letter Review is invaluable for its writing resources, advice, and opportunities to both publish and discover new and inspiring voices. I feel so honored to be a part of it.

Andy Bird (Longlist in the Letter Review Prize for Flash Fiction):

What I like most about Letter Review is its expertly curated hyperlinking, which allows the editors to contextualize fictional narratives and poetry in real time. In this sense, Letter Review offers not only a platform for emerging writers, but also access to a unique online literary universe that seamlessly interleaves art, criticism, and history. 

Christopher Ghattas (Longlist in Letter Review Prize for Flash Fiction):

The content provided by Letter Review is on par with that of the best publishing venues I have come across. Being included among the works I have found here is an honor, and I encourage authors of all backgrounds to take part in this community of great talents.

Shilpa Dikshit Thapliyal (Second Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

Thank you Letter Review for honoring my work and giving it so much thought and consideration. I am so delighted by this news. Every writer who is on a literary journey will know the importance of this affirmation. It motivates me to pursue my journey. Your esteemed journal has a wide outreach and readership. I wish you all the success in increasing your scope and bringing forth many more writers through your platform. Thank you.

Diane Croft (Longlist in Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

Sometimes the greatest mysteries of life can only be touched through metaphor, which makes the Letter Review Prize for Poetry so relevant in our technological age. I have been trying to capture a magical day that happened to me in Ireland, 21 years ago, in verse. But did I? When the email came through that My Trip to Ireland had been longlisted, I felt the deep satisfaction of knowing that the spirit of that day was still alive. Thank you, Letter Review!

Isi Unikowski (First Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

‘Ode’ made its first appearance at the regular Monday night open mic at Smith’s in Canberra (accompanied to the stage by said satchel). Many participants in these open mics — readers or those just want to listen — are new, or emerging poets, drawn to this welcoming and supportive environment. Consequently, many of the conversations around the tables at this gathering are about the issues and questions the Letter Review site deals with, so it’s great that there’s a growing resource here for us all!

Rylie Heaton (Longlist in Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

As a high school student entering the poetry world for the first time, the recognition I received from Letter Review drastically increased my confidence in writing. I am so thankful for the opportunity competitions like these provide for writers to sharpen their skills and stretch their limits. Thank you Letter Review for your support!

Alina Rios (Longlist in Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

So many of us weave words in the dark. So few of us let others see our weavings. Thank you Letter Review for really seeing what I’ve woven. This is not a small thing. Infinite gratitude. 

Lisa Harper Campbell (Longlist in Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

I’m grateful for the support and opportunities offered by Letter Review, an outlet which publishes rich and diverse content and offers an engaging and resourceful platform for writers at all levels.

Sami Meddaugh (Highly Commended in Letter Review Prize for Poetry):

Poetry is essentially like a painting in being explicitly expressive in many different forms. It opens the door to welcome opportunity to capture a person’s self through thoughts, emotions, vision, struggles, passions – delicate yet brave strokes of the good, the bad and the ugly representing the truest self without fear of societal judgment. Letter Review is one of many canvases that allows writers of all levels to portray their work. I am blessed to be able to showcase my poetry painting.

Laura Carnes Williams (First Place in Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review offers a wealth of information along the full spectrum of writing, from craft to the publication business, while providing a showcase for new fiction and poetry from dedicated authors. I feel very privileged to be a part of it.

Aisling Lee (Second Place in Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

I am so grateful to The Letter Review for selecting my story for second place in their short story prize. This is my first time receiving recognition in a writing competition and it feels every bit as exciting as I imagined it would. It just goes to show how invaluable are such platforms as The Letter Review for offering new writers the opportunity to get their name out there, and how much affirmation and confidence there is to be gained from being honoured with publication. Huge thanks to all involved!

Ian Reid (Third Place in Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Without the practical support provided by publication vehicles of high quality such as Letter Review, many writers would slide into discouragement. It’s a great feeling to have one’s work recognised by discerning editors and made available to a wide readership. Website:

Mark Grant (Highly Commended in Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Two weeks ago, I found a coarsely grained photo. In front of me squats a huge and ancient typewriter. Beneath my thick brown hair, a smile. But the curve of the lips seems tentative, hesitant. Maybe I was asked to pose for the flash, to say “Cheese”, or maybe the heavy and ponderous keys seemed daunting. I do remember using the machine to write short stories. But all that survives of my typing is a lab report from grade six on making casein plastic. Fifty years later, a lifetime of career and raising a family, and a return to writing. Now in front of me rests a slim laptop. Beneath my thinning white hair, a smile. This time the lips are positive and certain. After days of wet weather, a sunny morning, the trees outside my study window golden leaved. And an email from Letter Review to say that my short story has been highly commended. Whatever hesitation I have felt this past year, wondering if what I compose is of any merit, I must put to one side. This moment I shall savour. Thank you for showing confidence in me. Now to the future.

Taylor Van Arsdale (Highly Commended in Letter Review Prize for Short Stories)

There’s always a slight, anxious feeling whenever you enter a contest–will my writing be well received? Will it be understood? Appreciated? As a writer, most of the time you’re in your own little world, creating characters and crafting stories. Then to put your work out into the universe, outside of your realm, is such a personal endeavor. You can write in a bubble, but ultimately, it’s that gratification of knowing that you’ve touched another person, that you’ve been instrumental in sharing something deep from within, and connected, that makes it all worthwhile. Thanks to the Letter Review writers have the chance to make that connection. It’s a beautiful thing.

Maureen Grosvenor (Shortlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review has provided a much-needed thumbs up on my writing journey. It is a valuable resource I use regularly to improve my writing skills and now, also to gain recognition for my stories.

Letty Butler (Shortlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Having access to competitions and potential publication in journals like Letter Review really keeps me motivated to keep writing. Being longlisted makes all these 4am scribing sessions seem worthwhile! Thank you!

Emma Rosetta (Shortlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review has been a beacon of hope in the dark and stormy sea that is this writer’s life. Thank you for the encouragement—I bloody well needed it!

Bruce Ru (Longlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review is a valuable platform for young and emerging writers to learn, practice, submit and get published. It is certainly pushing writers to strive for their best and encouraging their passion to express ideas about the world with creativity. Thank you Letter Review for supporting us!

Kendal McGinnis (Shortlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review has become a place I go to as a writer to learn about writing and the writing world: to get thematic and practical advice, hear about triumphs and tribulations, and be a part of a community of creators. Keep up the great work!

Chris Hyland (Longlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

All aspiring writers can find good advice and encouragement from Letter Review. I have found its resources extremely useful in helping to improve my writing. In addition, its competitions offer opportunities for writers worldwide. Let’s all keep writing.

Chris Humphrey (Longlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

It was a delightful surprise to have my work recognised by Letter Review. It is journals such as these that give writers like myself the avenues to move forward with confidence.

Daniel Mueller (Shortlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review and journals like it are an essential part of the literary ecosystem. The Letter Review short story/poetry prize and low-cost, year-round submissions process encourages new writers to get their stuff out there. Their expert interview series gave me a glimpse into what life as a working writer could be like. ‘Trust the process’ is my favorite bit of advice from author Lynne Barrett-Lee’s interview. Writing can be a lonely and uncertain process for aspiring writers, and it’s so encouraging to read that successful, published authors once traversed the same dubious ground.

Ashley Earls Davis (Longlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Letter Review offers aspiring writers excellent information, advice, tips, guidance and feedback and the possibility of their works being published. Thank you for being such a wonderful source of inspiration and encouragement.

Bruce Maclachlan (Shortlist of Letter Review Prize for Short Stories):

Writing often begins as a solitary activity. The Letter Review gives writers a chance to join a broader community in which the craft of writing is discussed and developed, where support and expertise are offered and where opportunities of publication can be explored and encouraged. The Letter Review is an essential part of the writer’s journey! Thank you for all the help you make available.