Tips For Unpublished Manuscript Prizes: 44 Do’s and Don’ts

Unpublished Manuscript Prize

Oh, the unpublished manuscript – the gem that’s hiding on your hard drive, just waiting for the spotlight! Maybe you’ve written the next great American novel or a short story collection that’ll make readers weep. Perhaps you’re sitting on a poetry collection that’ll stir souls or a nonfiction book that’ll change minds. How do you … Read more

Reasons to Use a Nom De Plume

Many writers of fiction, plays, screenplays and poetry struggle with whether they should use an author nom de plume instead of their real name when writing.  While there is a trend towards using real names in social media in order to promote more responsible postings on the internet, there are some very good reasons for … Read more

Is Social Media a Massive Time Suck for Writers? Complete Guide

Social media continues to be a large part of any successful online marketing campaign. But with new social media apps entering the playing field, how do you know which platforms are the most important for you to have a presence on? While it’s important to be where your target audience is, there are other factors … Read more

I’m Young or Emerging: where can I get published?

Below is a list of literary journals and magazines that especially focus on publishing the work of emerging and young poets and fiction writers / authors.  It’s really important to start getting your work out into the world of professional publication, right?  Agents and publishers want to see that you’ve taken those first steps, been … Read more

Why is it so Hard to Publish my Writing? Rejection Tips

Why is it so Hard to Publish my Writing? Rejection Tips

Writers fear rejection. Unless you are writing on commission, you have probably put tens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of hours into your work in progress. The thought of being turned away by every publisher you submit to is daunting. But being rejected doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. Below we explore how to … Read more

Are Novels Single Spaced or Double Spaced?

Are Novels Single Spaced or Double Spaced?

Following the submission and formatting guidelines is the first step to successfully publishing a book, including line spacing. But are novels single or double-spaced? Novels are published with single-spaced lines, but the industry standard for unpublished manuscripts is double-spaced lines. It’s vital to send a manuscript to a publisher with the correct formatting, even if … Read more

Do Publishers Read the Whole Book?

Publishers are busy people, so it should stand to reason that around 10% of the books submitted to them are even looked at. When they do pick up a manuscript, they don’t always read the entire book before deciding to publish it. Publishers don’t always read the whole book or manuscript before giving an author … Read more

Do Publishers Print Books for You?

Getting a book published can seem impossible. Some agents only work with published writers, and many publishers will only look at manuscripts submitted by agents. Is it possible to pay a publisher to print a book? Publishers usually do not print books for you because they don’t print books at all. Instead, publishers mostly work … Read more