I Can’t Make Money From Writing: Top Tips

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Is It Hard to Make Money Writing Fiction?

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How to Pay for International Travel as an Author

Here’s how to pay for international travel as an author. Get organised, write about your passion, read lots of travel literature, familiarize yourself with magazines and websites, be tenacious and single minded, network and build up a strong online presence, build up a portfolio, and develop a good relationship with editors. My passion in life … Read more

Can the Government Pay You To Write a Book?

Writers are constantly looking for sources of income. Book publication, hosting writing workshops, and article and blog post writing are common sources. But what about less well-known sources, such as the government? The government cannot pay you to write a book except in limited circumstances. Most governmental writing is related to an agency’s needs. However, … Read more

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How To Get a Sponsor for Your Book (3 Methods)

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How Much Does a Sci-Fi Author Make?

Consult a website such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter, and you can find salary ranges for most industries. However, writers are not salaried employees, so resources like those aren’t reliable for freelance sci-fi writers. So how much does a sci-fi writer make? A sci-fi author might make a six-figure income, but most cannot support themselves … Read more

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get a Book Deal?

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