Are Screenwriting Contests a Waste of Time?

The internet is full of web pages and blogs recommending screenwriting contests to aspiring screenwriters as a practical way to improve your writing or get ahead in your career. However, many writers fail to achieve success after entering, leading them to wonder if screenwriting contests are worth all that time and effort they put in. … Read more

How Do I Know If My Screenplay Is Good Enough? Top Tips

How Do I Know If My Screenplay Is Good Enough?

How do you know when your screenplay is good enough? Screenwriting can be really fun, but it can be a hard area to get started in. After all, to become better in any field, you need to gain experience with relevant projects! So how can you gather experience and become a better screenwriter? You will … Read more

How Do I Set Out Writing for the Screen? Tips to Make it Look Right

The basics of screenplay formatting for television and movies / films can be tricky to get right. It’s less intuitive than writing fiction, because we’ve all probably been asked to write stories at school, but many will write a screenplay for the first time much later in life. With a little work you will be … Read more

4 Reasons Why Writing a Screenplay Is So Hard

Anyone in the creative industry knows that making something seem effortless is extremely difficult, and screenwriting is the perfect example. But not just anyone can sit down and write a blockbuster screenplay immediately. Why is it so hard? Writing a screenplay is so hard because they need believable characters and time dedicated to world-building. They … Read more

Do Screenwriters Get Paid Royalties?

Screenwriters work behind the scenes to make movie magic happen, mapping out every line and movement we see on screen. You may be wondering how screenwriters get paid for a job well done. Screenwriters often don’t get paid royalties. Screenwriters usually get paid in residuals along with actors, musicians, other writers involved, producers, and managers. … Read more

Should You Read Screenwriting Books?

Should you read screenwriting books?

There’s a book on everything nowadays, right? And it’s hard to know whether it’s worth your time to pick up the next book, or whether its just going to be more hours wasted. When the pace of everything is speeding up, we need to know whether it’s a good investment of time to read screenwriting … Read more

How Do Screenwriters Come Up With Ideas?

Screenwriters are talented people with many excellent ideas for screenplays. Notwithstanding, the constant and high demand for original, good-quality scripts, combined with the occasional bout of writer’s block, can put a strain on creativity at times. This can leave many wondering how screenwriters come up with all their ideas.  Screenwriters come up with ideas from … Read more

Do Screenwriters Get To Be on Set?

Writers often have a specific vision in mind when crafting screenplays, and it’s common for many to want to be around during filming to see their work come to life. As a screenwriter, you likely want to ensure an appropriate interpretation of your script that matches what you envisioned. However, the chances are slim that … Read more

7 Reasons Why Most Screenwriters Fail

Getting a screenplay produced and directed is the goal. Whether it’s the big screen, a streaming series, or a traditional tv show, you want an audience. So why do the majority of screenwriters fail? Here are 7 reasons why most screenwriters fail: Focusing on getting an agent and producer. Forgetting the fundamentals of storytelling. Not … Read more