Is Rhyming in Poetry Now a Bad Thing?

Is Rhyming in Poetry Now a Bad Thing?

When you think of poetry, several things come to mind. Most notably, you’ll recognize that poetry is the only form of writing in which rhyme has been used as a structural norm. Imagine reading a novel that rhymed? Rhyming in poetry isn’t a bad thing and is still common practice. The purpose of poetry and … Read more

Do Poetry Books Make Money? 4 Things To Know

Poetry books are growing in popularity, and it is possible to make money from them if you know what you are doing. So how do poetry books make money, and what do you need to know? Poetry books can make money if you have the right publisher, or you can publish them yourself. Some of … Read more

Is Poetry Considered a Natural Talent?

Poetry, an ancient form of creative expression, allows writers to rhythmically convey thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Often, they elicit an emotional response from readers and listeners. People all over the world admire poetry and strive to become a poet, but many stop short due to the belief that poetic ability is innate and cannot be … Read more

7 Creative Ways to Get Exposure as a Poet

As a poet, gaining exposure for your work can be one of the most important things to do in your career. More exposure can allow you to share your work more often with the world, whether it be through paid gigs or opportunities to market yourself further. As a poet, gaining exposure is a crucial … Read more