homesick – New Poetry by Lizzy Jerse

Joint Winner of The Letter Review Prize for Poetry


there was this inexplicable feeling while i was there
that i now recall and crave
like someone asphyxiated, gasping for air
in fact, i’m not sure i’ve been able to breathe
since i left

a cotton sweatshirt with mismatched patches
a september breeze, cool but comforting
that fills my car as i race down winding roads

a corner market stocked with apricots and plums
and local beer i can buy
with a shitty fake id

i make dinner under a dim light
and sway to my favorite tunes
i am completely, and utterly alone
i feel real, and honest.
perhaps i was born to be a stranger

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and based in New York City, Lizzy Jerse is a graduate of Fordham University working at a creative agency in Manhattan. In her free time, Lizzy loves shooting film photography, throwing ceramics (handmade-with-love), dining in restaurants that open their windows and doors on a sunny day, and walking around aimlessly in the city.