I Want to Read Screenplays but I Can’t Afford to Pay: affordable sources of text

Good news! There are lots of places you can find free screenplays online.

But wait, why should I read the screenplay when I can just see the film? 

We all know that one way to get better at writing is to read! Watching movies is one way to learn about screenplays, but teaming that viewing up with actually reading the script will give you the best result. 

When you read the screenplay you can see the relationship between the written word and the final product. It will force you to think about the decisions taken by the actors, the director, the cinematographer, the costume department, and many others! 

It’ll also show how writers are handling things like montages and the passage of time. 

Check out the resources below for free scripts.

Drew’s Script-o-rama http://www.script-o-rama.com/oldindex.html

Slug Script scriptslug.com

The Internet Movie Script Database https://imsdb.com/

The Script Lab https://thescriptlab.com/screenplays/