Terms and Conditions of The Letter Review Prize for Unpublished Books

  • Editing after submission, or refunds, will not be possible.
  • Results can be expected from three months of the relevant closing date.
  • Winners may select to publish an extract, or they may choose not to publish. If you choose not to publish an extract, then none of the T&Cs below which apply to the extract apply to you. Please reach us at [email protected] with any questions.
  • At the time of submission copyright must reside solely with the entrant, the work must be entirely original (not based on other works) except where acknowledged otherwise, and the entrant must be the sole author. If the entrant selects to publish an extract (they may choose not to publish an extract), the entrant warrants that publication by The Letter Review (TLR) will not be unlawful or infringe upon the personal rights of or give rise to any claim by any third party including without limitation claims in defamation, privacy, copyright, or trademark. The entrant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless TLR for any rights violations, or damage, including copyright, resulting from publication of an extract, or submission. No AI content. No translations. TLR retains the perpetual right to publish and reproduce the extract in our media, along with the entrant’s name and biography. TLR will seek entrant’s permission before submitting any extracts to anthologies e.g. The Pushcart Prize. If any of T&Cs are breached, including unprofessional behavior, we reserve the right not to publish, and to revoke the Prize including money. Prize money includes any publication fee. Entrants must invoice TLR within three months of request of invoice, or money is forfeit. Entrants must respond to emails within 72 hours. In the unlikely event that an element of the prize is canceled, postponed or not available, that element of the prize will be considered forfeit. These T&Cs supersede all previous agreements, written or verbal. Please acknowledge TLR, if you publish the winning work elsewhere. 
  • TLR will seek the entrant’s permission before submitting any extracts for consideration at Anthologies e.g. The Pushcart Prize.