Is it Hard to Write a Review? Advice and Examples

Is it Hard to Write a Review? Advice and Examples

We’ve all read reviews by critics and reviewers in the past, and wondered about the person behind the review. For performers and creatives the impact of reviews can be considerable, as for audiences a review can determine whether we see a show or not. But is is hard to write a review? Writing a review … Read more

Everything Should Advance Plot or Reveal Character

If you are writing a novel, a short story, a play, or a screenplay then everything in your story should advance the plot or reveal character. Do you sometimes find that a section of your story is lacking in dramatic tension, or feels a bit aimless or underwhelming? Perhaps a moment feels a bit tangential … Read more

How to use Foreshadowing to Avoid Deus Ex Machina

First up let’s give the shortest version of the answer possible: foreshadowing is when you introduce a story element early in your story, before it plays a large and pivotal role later in your story.  This stops the audience feeling like they have been cheated by the author when something that is ‘too convenient’ or … Read more

Why Chekhov’s Gun is Wrong and Worthless

Them’s fightin words, right? Here’s a hot take for you. Chekhov was wrong about this one. Everything people say about the ‘Chekhov’s gun’ rule is worthless. A much better maxim is that ‘everything in story should reveal character or advance the plot.’ Chekhov forgot about the ‘reveal character’ bit when he wrote his comments about … Read more

How to Use Aristotle’s Poetics for Fiction, Plays, and Screenplays

If you are a writer of narratives (novelist, short story writer, playwright, screenplay writer) you’ve probably heard of Aristotle, and are curious about how Aristotle’s theories can help contemporary writers like you!  In his work titled Poetics, Aristotle focuses mainly on tragedy, but we can interpret that a little more broadly today that he intended … Read more

Which are the Very Best Literary Journals?

There are lots of literary journals or magazines out there that publish short stories and poems, and it’s great to know which ones are generally regarded as the best. Lots of authors try to submit their work to the ‘best’ journals first, to prevent the scenario where you accept publication in a lower tier journal … Read more

How to Write a CV or Resume for Creative Writing

Always list what is most important first, and consider creating several CVs to cater to the priorities of different people and professions!  Hi there. Writers have to have a CV, right? There’s so much cold contacting (when you reach out to someone on your own that you haven’t met), that you might end up sending … Read more

The Sixteen Most Important Main Parts of a Book

Want to make sure you are setting your book out correctly, and understand what is traditionally included in each section? Keep reading to find out!  Title Page This is simply where you set out the title, the author, and the publisher in most cases.  Copyright This page will contain legal information, and information for readers … Read more

What is the Hero’s Journey? An introduction with examples

So you’ve heard about the Hero’s Journey, but it’s kind of complicated right? This article will introduce you to the basics, with plenty of examples, and walk you through an introduction to Joseph Campbell and Christoper Vogler’s work! One title I’ll address is ‘The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers” by Christopher Vogler. The title … Read more