What is a Central Objective, or Intention, in Creative Writing?

So you’re writing a novel, play, or screenplay, and you want to give your character a compelling central objective, or intention? This article will walk through some of the key things to consider. The Backbone of your Story The central objective, or central intention of your protagonist is the backbone of your story. It’s the … Read more

How do I Explore a Theme in Creative Writing?

So you know that your favourite stories explore themes, like Good and Evil, or Poverty and Class. You want your story to operate on this plane as well, but how to do it? By the end of this article you’ll be a theme-guru, writing plays, novels, and screenplays that deliver on theme.  Pick Your Theme! … Read more

What is a Character Arc In Creative Writing?

Arc Implies Change So you’ve been told to improve you character arcs, or you’re just curious about how to write great ones. First of all, what are they? An arc is really a journey from one state to another. Transformation is something that has obsessed story tellers from the earliest days – look at Ovid’s … Read more

Exposition Dumps: How to Avoid with Examples

Exposition Dumps: How to Avoid with Examples

Exposition is story information. It’s the facts or bare bones of your tale that the audience needs to know to appreciate what’s going on. There is a lot of skill involved in delivering exposition in story at the highest level. So what are exposition dumps? How do we avoid them? Exposition dumps are when a … Read more

How to Write Perfect Obstacles in a Story

How to Write Perfect Obstacles in a Story

We all know that characters encounter obstacles in stories, but how do we write really good ones? What sets a bad obstacle apart from one that enhances the story and leaves the audience desperate for more? Read on to find out. Perfect obstacles get bigger throughout the story, they reveal character, they are closely related … Read more

The Best Prose Writers

The Greatest Prose Writers

Novelists have been writing prose since Apuleius penned (quilled?) The Golden Ass in 2nd Century CE Rome. For thousands of years readers and critics have been trying to determine which novels represent the very best of prose. Who is the Best Prose Writer? Contenders for the title of best prose writer include Cervantes, Twain, Hemingway, … Read more