Should you Ever Pay to Publish a Book?

Should you Ever Pay to Publish a Book?

Most writers dream of being published, and many will work hard for years and years to see that dream come to life. But should you pay a publisher to publish your work? In most cases, you should not pay a publisher to publish your work. If a publisher is seeking a payment, this means that … Read more

Why Do Novels Have Blank Pages at the End?

You come to the end of your paperback novel, and there are blank pages. But why is that? The reason is simpler than you might think. Novels have blank pages at the end to avoid wasting money and paper. Blank pages in books accommodate the book’s signature, which is the way pages are grouped to … Read more

Do Publishers Ask for Money? Funding Info

If you publish a book through the traditional publishing channels, one of the considerations you must make is which publisher to take your book to. This raises the question of whether or not you need to pay the publisher for their services. Reputable publishers don’t usually ask for money, but they don’t work for free. … Read more

Can You Get a Book Deal Without an Agent?

Getting a book deal is a massive opportunity for any writer, especially just starting their career. To get a book deal, is it necessary to have an agent? You can’t usually get a book deal without an agent if you go the traditional publishing route. Getting a book deal means agreeing to and signing a … Read more

Hardcover vs. Paperback: What Sells More Copies?

Self-publishers have a range of options for book covers, making the decision between hardcover and paperback all the more difficult. And when trying to determine which cover type might sell more copies of your book, numerous audience considerations must be factored in. So which type sells more copies? Paperback sells more copies, reaching a higher … Read more

Can You Copyright an Unfinished Work?

The Zeigarnik Effect states that incomplete tasks are more memorable than complete ones, easily applied to cliffhangers or ellipses in stories. So today we want to find out, is it possible to copyright a story that isn’t finished? When you write something you usually automatically gain copyright in that work, depending on where you live. … Read more

Do You Need Permission To Publish a Book?

After writing and editing your book, it’s ready to be published. However, do you have the rights to publish it? More importantly, do you need permission to publish it? You do not need permission to publish a book, as anyone can publish their own works at any time they wish. You only need permission to … Read more

Can You Publish Your Book Multiple Times?

There are many reasons why an author might want to republish a book they’ve already published. The way to go about this differs depending on your contract with publishers.  You can publish your book multiple times. When you self-publish, you can make changes and republish as often as you like. Still, when publishing with a … Read more

Can an Author Have Two Different Publishers?

Many writers dream of publishing a book. Still, with only 10% of manuscripts being accepted, this dream may never materialize for some. Some even suggest submitting your manuscript to two or more publishers for a better chance of getting published, but should you do this?  An author can have two different publishers as long as … Read more

Do You Need To Publish a Book To Sell It?

Let’s say you’re an author looking to sell your book, but you don’t want to go through the process of taking it to a publisher. Do you need to publish a book to sell it? You need to publish a book in some capacity to sell it. However, this doesn’t mean you must go through … Read more