How to Negotiate Freelance Writing Rates

Freelance writers sometimes feel the need to increase their rates as they gain experience and knowledge in their field. However, at times it can be difficult to negotiate an increase in rates, especially when dealing with repeat clients. How can you be confident when it comes to negotiating freelance writing rates? When determining writing rates, … Read more

How to Get Followers and Likes On Instagram as a Writer

Social media is important in the daily lives of millions, now more than ever. Instagram is extremely successful as a platform where a lot of different sorts of people can come together quickly and effectively through the use of pictures. That doesn’t mean that writers are out of luck on the platform, they just need … Read more

8 Best Places to Get Your Writing Critiqued

One of the most challenging writing processes is to get external feedback. People either do not know how or are too busy to help you improve your writing, and it can be discouraging if no one is willing to critique your writing. Luckily, there’s a way for writers to get feedback on their work! Let’s … Read more

Which are the Very Best Literary Journals?

There are lots of literary journals or magazines out there that publish short stories and poems, and it’s great to know which ones are generally regarded as the best. Lots of authors try to submit their work to the ‘best’ journals first, to prevent the scenario where you accept publication in a lower tier journal … Read more

How to Write a CV or Resume for Creative Writing

Always list what is most important first, and consider creating several CVs to cater to the priorities of different people and professions!  Hi there. Writers have to have a CV, right? There’s so much cold contacting (when you reach out to someone on your own that you haven’t met), that you might end up sending … Read more

The Sixteen Most Important Main Parts of a Book

Want to make sure you are setting your book out correctly, and understand what is traditionally included in each section? Keep reading to find out!  Title Page This is simply where you set out the title, the author, and the publisher in most cases.  Copyright This page will contain legal information, and information for readers … Read more

How Does an Unpublished Writer Get an Agent?

How Does an Unpublished Writer Get an Agent?

Having an agent can vastly simplify the task of finding a publisher, or a producer for your writing. Whether you are a poet, a novelist, a screenwriter, a playwright, a non fiction author or any other kind of writer, an agent will send your work into the world, and hopefully to the right people. An … Read more

Can I Pay Someone to Write my Query Letter?

Can I Pay Someone to Write my Query Letter?

So you have written a story and you are excited to get it out into the world. For many writers their first stop is sending the work to a writing agent to try to get representation. The agent can then submit your work to publishers or producers. But do you have to write the letter … Read more