Some Secrets to Sell Freelance Content

More people are entering self-employment than ever before, but freelancers need to sell their services to be successful regularly.

To sell freelance content don’t be a generalist, have a consistent style, and know how to price your writing! By mastering these techniques you will be well on the way to selling more freelance content, and hitting targets that make you feel truly proud.

The following article takes a detailed look at freelance writers and provides tips to help them sell more content.

Although every freelancer is different, the information here will help you to be more successful.

1. Don’t be a generalist when it comes to selling your freelance writing

It’s very tempting when you first start working as a freelancer to think you will do any available work, the logic being the more adaptable you are, the more work will be available.

However, brands typically want experts on specific subjects, and you will be able to charge more if you can show your expertise.

Remember also how big the market for content is and think about how many websites there are globally; nearly all of them need regular content.

Therefore, even if you focus on just one subject area, there is still a massive amount of work.

It’s worth remembering the better you get at your subject, the faster you will work, meaning you have more time for more work.

2. Have a consistent style in your freelance writing

Having a niche is crucial to marketing yourself, but that is also true of your content style.

The writing process becomes a lot easier if you write articles to a consistent formula, rather than mixing things up too much.

Therefore, there is a case for choosing between short articles, long-form or list-style content.

Even if you want to vary your length, you can do so within a consistent formula.

For example, you can write both shorter and longer articles in list form.

If you have a consistent style, this can also reassure your clients because they can look at your previous work and know you can produce something for them in a similar style.

3. Know how to price your freelance writing content

Whilst there is considerable debate around whether you should price your services high or low, you should have a consistent method of setting your prices.

Of course, when you write similar articles for the same price, that makes the whole process easier for you.

Having a formula for setting your prices also means you don’t have to figure out which fee to charge for each new article.

You can also market yourself better by knowing you will write a specific article for a certain price.

Remember to set your prices at sensible levels because too high will put clients off, and too low will make clients question your writing quality.


Many people are now turning to freelancing, and freelance writing is a very popular subcategory within freelancing. To be successful, you have to sell your content regularly. To help you achieve this, remember to become an expert on specific subjects, have a consistent style, and know how to price your content.