How to Get More Experience As a Content Writer

There is always a need for content writers, especially as more businesses are expanding into the online world. Content writers can write for themselves or can be hired to create content for other websites and bloggers. This has led many people to wonder about the best way to gain experience as a content writer.

Becoming a successful content writer begins with experience. Experience with content writing can be found through various sources such as freelance writing and creating articles for small businesses. Creating a professional sample of content writing is a great way to gain experience.

There are multiple different avenues someone could take while trying to get into the business of becoming a content writer. Continue reading to learn more about different places you could gain experience from.


While the business of content writing is growing larger, much of the content being produced and published is staying at a fairly low level of quality. This is because many bloggers and website creators are having a hard time finding good writers to create content for them to post on their websites.

Anyone can say they are a writer (even without any credentials), which is why the industry is in such need of great writers. Too many “content writers” are creating mediocre articles and blogs. To become a content writer, the first step is to become a great writer.


The saying, “Practice makes perfect” does not only apply to sports. Practice writing, both for personal use and content writing. Set apart time during your week to just write. Not only is this a great way to practice writing and improve upon your skills, but it is a great stress reliever. Choose a topic to write on, and fill the whole time with writing.

You should also practice writing specific content. Depending on what type of content writer you will become, there are different steps and tricks you should follow. One tip is to begin by choosing the title of the article/ blog. This allows you to more easily create a plan for the article and fill the space with content. While practicing, choose a topic you are familiar with. Create a title for the article and begin writing. Content writing should be specifically created for the group of people who will be reading it.

While writing, it is extremely important to write clearly. If your writing is confusing and does not follow a clear path, it can be difficult for readers to follow. This can hurt your reputation as a content writer. Content writing should be clear and fully explain the subject at hand.


As you continue on with your practice, review the writing you have done. Editing is a very important part of writing, especially when it comes to content writing that will be published. While reviewing your work, create writing goals to work on during your periods of practice writing. This will prepare you for content writing.

Sometimes it can be hard to critique your own writing. Our minds are good at filling in the gaps of what we meant to say, but that doesn’t save us from typos or bad grammar. This is why many school teachers will have students peer edit papers and essays.

If there is a grammatical error in the writing, it is often more difficult for the writer to catch it, as they are only reading what they meant to write. Having someone else edit or at least read over the writing improves the probability of catching mistakes. They can also give feedback and ideas on how to improve the article. Using spellchecking programs can also help you catch little mistakes.

Are you looking for more ways to receive critique and feedback on your writing? Click here to be directed to “8 Best Places to Get Your Writing Critiqued”. These resources should help improve your writing.

Create a Sample

Now that you have practiced content writing and have perfected your style and writing abilities, it is time to create a sample. This can be given to potential employers to demonstrate your writing abilities. Create a couple of great sample content writing articles to have on hand while you’re looking for jobs.

Inquire About Opportunities

As previously mentioned, content writing is becoming increasingly more popular. The benefit of this is there are a lot of opportunities for experience with content writing. One of the best ways to find unique content writing experiences is by simply asking. Many businesses are beginning to expand and have more exposure online. This is the best time to promote yourself as a content writer and gain more experience.

Depending on the type of content you are wanting to write, there are a couple of different sources you could explore for opportunities.

Small Businesses

Many small business owners have already thought about starting a website with content writing. This is not only a way to help customers understand more about the product or service being sold, but also about the business. Content writing can become a way to promote a business or its products online. Good writers can create content to be posted on the company website and their writing has the potential to greatly impact the business and sales. Getting online exposure from content writing is a great self-promotion tool for small businesses.

Go to local and small businesses to inquire about their need for a content writer. Be prepared to show them samples of your content writing (which is where the “Prepare” section comes into play).


According to a forum where people share their experience finding content writing experience, MediaBistro is a great resource to use while job searching. One person on the forum commented how MediaBistro often posts jobs, both part-time and full-time for various different writing positions. This might be a great place to find more experience with part-time jobs and could possibly offer the full-time position you are looking for.

To view the forum where people commented and shared their experiences, click here to be directed.

Freelancing Websites

There are many different websites dedicated to finding writers to create content. The tricky thing about most of these websites is they are highly competitive. Many people want the luxury of working from home and content writing is a great way to achieve that dream.

To help promote yourself, ensure that you have created a profile that includes all of your abilities. This is also a great time to post your sample content writing article that you have previously created during “Prepare”.