Is Akira Toriyama Worth Reading?

Akira Toriyama is one of the most popular and commercially successful manga artists. He’s a down to earth guy, apparently regularly getting reprimanded for turning up late and dressing casually at his first job, in advertising. 

He was blown away by several animated series he viewed as a child, and although determined to do something involving art, admits to being more interested in socializing than competing with his peers. 

Akira Toriyama is definitely worth reading because it turns out he is one of the most talented and celebrated Japanese artists, character designers, and story tellers of all time. This man has reached into the hearts and minds of millions with his tales of adventure: if you’re curious, it’s time to investigate! 

What are Akira Toriyama’s best works?

Akira Toriyama’s best works are enormously popular in Japan and overseas, and include Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Blue Dragon, and Dr Slump. These works exist in a variety of forms including traditional manga and video games, and many of the titles have entered the public consciousness and become much loved favorites.  

Where to Begin Reading Akira Toriyama?

This one is tricky, because Toriyama is successful across so many different forms. If you love video games, you might want to start with the Dragon Quest series which is available on PS5, and many other systems too. If you really enjoy reading manga, then you should begin reading Akira Toriyama with the Dragon Ball series!

This series has given rise to many adaptations, including the Dragon Ball Z cartoons which are enormously popular, and so iconic as to be instantly recognizable even to someone not otherwise familiar with Toriyama’s works. 

How Popular is Akira Toriyama?

Akira Toriyama is enormously popular, in fact he’s one of the best selling authors of all time. Is that surprising to read? Then it’s time to get involved and see what all the fuss is about. His Dragon Ball manga series alone has sold over three hundred million copies: that puts it near the top of the all time lists! 

Dr. Slump, which won the 1981 Shogakukan Manga Award for best shōnen or shōjo, sold thirty five million copies too.

Just imagine it, thirty five million people individually put the time and money aside to by this product: Akira is one of the true success stories in global tale telling of all time. 

Akira Toriyama is worth reading because he is one of the best selling authors of all time, he has conquered many different story telling formats including manga and video games, and his work has been adapted all over the world to huge acclaim.