POVerty Line – Poetry by Deja Jones

POVerty Line

Third Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry

New Poetry by Deja Jones

14th April, 2023

It haunts me like a perpetual poltergeist

      From my childhood home to every bedroom and kitchen table.

Stalks me like a masked killer creeping

      But its sinister shape looks nothing like Michael Myers.

Growls below my narrow shadow

      Grey knives plunge into my gut with hunger.

Traps me inside of an invisible cage.

      Four fragile walls tighten each day.

Tucks me into bed like a malicious mother.

      A thin wire hung above my head, waiting to slice my neck.

Wakes up next to me like my leeching lover

      Before the sun can kiss my chapped lips, I can feel its embrace.

It doesn’t disappear

      Festering infants inside of my wallowing womb.

It will die with me.

      My gravestone decaying into abandoned ashes.

Deja S. Jones was born and raised in Lima, Ohio, where she attended the Ohio State University and earned her BA in English. She received publications in the Asterism Literary Journal and Mosaic Magazine. Deja spreads creativity in her community by establishing the Poetry and Prose club at OSU Lima, interning as an editor for Asterism Literary Journal, and spending four years as an English tutor.

Original Artwork by Kita Das