Are Short Stories Expensive? A Guide

Are Short Stories Expensive? A Guide

No, short stories are not expensive to write, or read. Writing them usually takes less time than a novel so they are inexpensive to compose. They are also inexpensive to read, as you can find plenty of them online for free. Unfortunately, writers are not generally paid very well to write short stories either. We … Read more

The Best Künstlerroman Novels Of All Time

The Best Künstlerroman Novels Of All Time

Many may have heard of a Bildungsroman, or coming-of-age story, but you’re less likely to have heard much about the creative sibling of the Bildung: the Künstlerroman. The Künstlerroman is a story which depicts the development of an artist. A Künstlerroman may focus upon a specific, limited period within the life of an artist. This … Read more

Is J.K. Rowling Worth Reading?

J.K. Rowling has got to be the most well-known and successful author of recent times. Her characters have received enormous lashings of publicity and her novels have been released to extraordinary acclaim. Rowling has gifted readers with characters who have become lifelong companions and friends. Rowling recently made some public remarks, felt by many to … Read more

Is Virginia Woolf Worth Reading?

Is Virginia Woolf Worth Reading?

Virginia Woolf has a pretty significant reputation, and people like to throw her name around a lot. Whether that’s to sound well-read or simply because there’s a bit of ‘something’ to her writing that you are yet to encounter, let’s take a look at why she has developed a major cultural presence, even by contemporary … Read more

The Best Prose Genres

Here are five of the most popular genres of prose – it’s pretty much guaranteed that these aren’t going out of style anytime soon! You can feel confident that these prose genres will have an audience for the foreseeable future.  Crime Fiction  Crime fiction is never going out of style! Whodunnit? From endless Sherlock Holmes … Read more

Is It Okay To Switch Tenses in a Novel?

Writing a novel is like creating your own universe. You can create characters and storylines in the past, present, and future. The question is, can you switch between tenses in a novel to exhibit these time shifts? It’s okay to switch tenses in a novel with a separation between timelines. For example, some authors set … Read more

5 Reasons Why Writing Fiction Is So Hard

Most people know how to write words in a meaningful way, so it stands to reason that writing fiction should be easy, right? Wrong. Writing fiction well is downright tricky, or at least writing fiction that grips the reader and sells. Here are the 5 reasons why writing fiction is so hard: Fiction takes time … Read more

7 Elements All Fiction Books Have in Common

Writing fiction is all about creating a narrative. In this genre, a writer is responsible for developing most of the basic elements comprising the overall story. Understanding these common fiction components will help you get your ideas out of your head and onto the page.    Here are seven elements all fiction books have in common: … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Write a Novel’s First Draft?

Writing a novel seems like an overwhelming undertaking, especially if you’ve never written one. A writer needs to keep up with the characters and plot, worry about grammar, and find time to write. So how long does it take to put a novel to paper? It can take several months to several years to write … Read more