Is Screenwriting in High Demand?

We’ve all heard those sensational stories about movie studios shelling out millions for movie scripts and the tragic tales of broken dreams from perpetually unpublished screenwriters. Unfortunately, these confusing and conflicted extremes make it difficult to discern the industry’s actual climate. Is the demand for screenwriting high enough to justify and encourage you to pursue … Read more

Is Screenwriting a Good Career? What You Need To Know

While being a screenwriter can be challenging, it also has the potential to be a rewarding, lifelong career. Yet, does that mean screenwriting is a good career? Moreover, is it a good career for you?  Screenwriting is a good career for talented writers passionate about and dedicated to creating entertainment and media productions. However, it … Read more

Are Most Screenwriters Rich? 3 Things to Know

Are you hoping to break into screenwriting and hit the big time? Or perhaps you’re a struggling screenwriter wondering what you’re doing wrong. In either case, you might be questioning if most screenwriters are rich, and how you become one of them. Most screenwriters aren’t rich, yet many make more than enough money to live … Read more

Is It Hard To Become a Screenwriter?

Everyone has experienced THAT movie, the one which transported you out of your world and changed you in some unfathomable and irreversible way. The art of writing for the screen is a form of magic that few narrative forms can match, and the industry draws in many aspiring great screenwriters. However, screenwriting is far from … Read more

How To Become a Screenwriter With No Experience

Screenwriting is a highly competitive field where some dedicate years to study, failed pitches, and missed opportunities before finally landing a job. Does that mean those who “got in the game late” and lack experience in screenwriting can’t break into the industry? Not necessarily, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  Here’s … Read more

Are Screenwriting Classes Worth It?

Are Screenwriting Classes Worth It?

Taking screenwriting classes can help to provide an excellent foundation for your education and future career as a screenwriter. However, these classes can be time-consuming or even a financial burden, which may lead you to question whether or not screenwriting classes are really worth it. Screenwriting classes are worth it to help improve your writing … Read more

Six Ways to Pick a Screenwriting Competition Worth the Entry Fee

So you’ve written a screenplay and are wondering what to do next. Screenplay competitions are a great avenue to consider! Some screenwriting competitions offer so much publicity that entering is usually considered a smart move–if you’ve got a strong script. Other screenwriting “competitions” are cruel scams run by online con artists to steal money from … Read more