Business Writing is Hard: How to Make Yours Pop

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Some Secrets to Sell Freelance Content

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The Most Effective Method to Compose a Blog Entry

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Decluttering Old Schoolwork: should I burn old notebooks?

Old Schoolwork

Should you throw away your child’s old schoolwork? This is a hard decision for many parents and grandparents: read on for eight strategies that will help you decide and feel you have made the right decision! Here are the options in brief: which are explained further below! Does Anyone Not Save Their Kids Old Schoolwork? … Read more

Are Film Critics Still Relevant Today?

Film is one of the most widespread and influential forms of media on the planet, but what about film critics? Are they still relevant, and if so, what do they contribute to society? Film critics are still relevant today. They offer invaluable insight into how filmmakers can improve, but at a higher level, they provide … Read more

Are Film Critics Biased? What You Need To Know

Film connoisseurs can get pretty heated talking about their favorite films or what classifies a movie as memorable and iconic. Film critics are no exception, but they must put their feelings aside to write a professional critique.  Film critics are not biased, as their evaluations are based on their understanding of the film as a … Read more

How To Critique a Theater Performance

Critiquing a theater performance is a way for a writer to evaluate a production’s merit. It’s usually based on how effectively it combined all the aspects of theater, what message it put forward, and how effectively it did that.  To critique a theater performance, you need to know what kind of performance you will watch … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Write a Book Review?

Book reviews are an excellent way to communicate a book’s themes and overall quality to potential readers. It is also an opportunity to discuss the book’s value as a literary piece. But should it take a set amount of time to write? How long it takes to write a book review depends on the review’s … Read more

Are Book Reviews Written in First Person?

Writing book reviews is a fun and simple way to practice your writing and get your writing published for people to read and engage with. Despite the simplicity of a book review, it’s only effective if you nail the perspective and tone. Book reviews are not written in first person. Though some book reviews are … Read more

Do Book Reviews Count as Publications?

In an academic context, a review counts as a publication in and of itself. Remember that as book reviews are generally not peer reviewed, they will not count as peer reviewed publications in the academic context. However, does the same apply to a book review in a non academic context? Book reviews count as publications, … Read more