The Bones, Of Course – Poetry by Rob Carney

The Bones, Of Course Joint First Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry New Poetry by Rob Carney May 29th, 2023 THE BONES, OF COURSE, make interesting litter.Cattle, mostly, but sometimes coyotes too.Go eight days without water, you’re a camel. Do that as anything else,and you’re a ghost, a voice leaving on the windand … Read more

Shell Music – Poetry by Jennifer M. Phillips

Shell Music Joint First Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry New Poetry by Jennifer M. Phillips May 29th, 2023 Some say they hear the voices of the deadmurmuring in kind domestic counsel,                                        mother, papa, granddad, nan–from the library of old affection,their green-glassed lights of wisdom never shelved.And so I keep listening for you I … Read more

The 5 Best Places To Begin With Literary Theory

Where to Begin with Literary Theory?

Literary theory or literary criticism can be hard to understand at the best of times. It’s frequently written in complex language, and addresses some of the most complex and challenging ideas around. So how do you even get started with this field? The best place to begin with literary theory is with glossaries, introductions to … Read more

Are Screenwriting Contests a Waste of Time?

The internet is full of web pages and blogs recommending screenwriting contests to aspiring screenwriters as a practical way to improve your writing or get ahead in your career. However, many writers fail to achieve success after entering, leading them to wonder if screenwriting contests are worth all that time and effort they put in. … Read more

7 Questions With Author E.J. Mellow: The Letter Review Interview

Interview with EJ Mellow

E.J. Mellow is an award-winning and Top 20 Amazon bestselling author of magical mayhem. Her work has been translated into multiple languages, appeared on “Best Of” lists such as BuzzFeed and Gizmodo and has reached #1 in multiple Amazon categories, as well as received medals from eLit Book Awards and Next Generation Indie Book Awards. … Read more

5 Questions With Nonfiction Author Tim Tate: The Letter Review Interview

Tim Tate

Tim Tate is a best-selling author, multiple award-winning documentary film-maker and investigative journalist. In a career spanning almost four decades Tim has published sixteen non-fiction books, made more than 80 documentary films for all British and several international networks, and written for national and regional newspapers. Three of his books have become best-sellers. His films have been … Read more