Favorite Expert-Level Writing Tips

If you’re a writer, you’ll know how easy it is to become engrossed in your work – so engrossed that you forget the world around you.

That’s great in one respect: it shows you’re cut out for the role.

But on the flip side, it’s all too easy to grow stale and sluggish when hunched over your laptop for long periods of time.

Nor will it occur to you that the air has grown stuffy, stifling your imagination, or that your posture has become uncomfortable, distracting your concentration.

As a writer, it’s vital that you stay fit and fresh so that inspiration and words can flow, so take these simple steps to remedy the situation and let your talent shine.

Take exercise breaks

Put down your laptop once an hour or so and get moving.

Even sauntering around the room is better than sitting still; any exercise will give muscles a stretch and circulation a boost.

But you’d be better off going outside for a brisk walk. That way you’ll burn off nervous energy and get your heart pumping.

A healthy circulation ensures a steady flow of oxygen to your busy brain, while a gulp of fresh air will clear your mind. Take stock of the scenery, sounds and scents as you march about – they’ll inspire your writing.

Eat well

Take time out from your work to fix yourself a wholesome meal, with fresh fruit, salad or raw vegetables.

They’ll keep you topped up with the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy, mentally and physically. A balanced diet and regular meals will also help you maintain a healthy weight which, in turn, will enhance your physical comfort as you work.

Have a chat

Remember to look up from your screen now and again and keep in touch with the real world. It’s important to speak to somebody at some point, to make sure you don’t become too wrapped up in your own thoughts.

A balanced perspective will help you keep your writing balanced, too.

Keep the air fresh

Open a window to let in the fresh, cool air. The oxygen will empower your brain and enrich your writing.

Don’t worry about letting in a breeze – that will stimulate your skin, revitalising your senses and, indirectly, your mind.

If the weather’s seriously cold, just open the window now and again for a few minutes.

Change your position

Change your seating arrangement and, if possible, your writing room, at least once a day.

A change of surroundings will stimulate the senses and imagination, as well as releasing pressure from cramped muscles and joints, helping you focus on your work.

Rearrange the lighting for different atmospheres and take a look out of the window for fresh thoughts before settling back to work.

Have a laugh

Find something funny to giggle over. Laughing relieves tension and lifts the spirits, sustaining enthusiasm for the job in hand.

Phone a friend to share a joke or watch a funny video clip, perhaps. Inject some humour into your writing and have a chuckle at your own wit, too.


Close your eyes, draw a deep breath, slowly exhale and feel your body relax. Do this whenever you feel writer’s block washing over you.

For a stronger effect, raise your arms in the air, arch your back, clench your fingers and toes and change your sitting position again.

You’ll feel surprisingly rejuvenated after this simple procedure.


Always bear in mind that golden rule – that writers need refreshment. Make it your custom to follow these little strategies to maximize your creative and literary capacity. When you read through your work at the end of the day, you’ll find it to be as fresh as you.