Presents For Writers

Have a writer on your gift list? Instead of giving them yet another book store gift certificate, try giving one of these four gift ideas for writers: Online writing workshops, writing software, memberships, writing workshop recordings.

Online Writing Workshops

Consider giving a gift certificate for an online writing workshop. Many writers would enjoy taking a specialized writing workshop, but they might not splurge on one themselves. Many online writing workshops offer gift certificates, and this can be a great gift for writers.

There are lots of online writing workshops out there, and not all of them are created equal. Do a little research before you decide on a workshop, and consider asking local writing groups which online workshops they recommend.

Another good source for recommendations is your local community college. They may also offer a writing workshop your friend might be interested in!

Writing Software

There are many specialized writing software packages available. Some software programs help with formatting manuscripts, some programs help organize the writing process, and some programs can help stimulate creative ideas.

The writer on your gift list may appreciate a copy of one of these specialized writing programs, or they may appreciate that software upgrade they’ve been wanting but haven’t gotten around to buying yet.

This is another place where gift certificates may come in handy. If you aren’t sure which program is best, you can always purchase a gift certificate from a software company or reseller.


There are many guilds, associations, and groups aimed at writers. Some are geared toward certain types of writers, for example romance writers or technical writers. Find out if there’s a certain group or association your friend has been wanting to join and take care of the membership dues for them.

There are also online writing communities that offer job boards, market listings, and other services aimed at writers. You may want to consider giving a year’s access to one of these websites.

Just like with online workshops, it’s a good idea to get some recommendations from working writers on which websites are worthwhile and which are not. 

Writing Workshop Recordings

In the world of writing, there are thousands of workshops available to learn more about the craft. Some of the more popular workshop organizers make their lectures available via recording. A quick search will yield a long list of these writing workshop recordings!

If there’s a workshop or lecturer you know your friend is interested in seeing, you might find a recorded version available for gift-giving.

When shopping for the writer on your gift list, there are many options out there beyond book store gift certificates. With a little creativity you can give a gift that will not only be greatly appreciated, but may also help your friend’s career!