Do Writers Actually Enjoy Writing? What You Need to Know

The question of whether writers actually enjoy writing is a tricky one. There are many different opinions, and it’s important to know what you’re getting into if you’re considering a career as a writer. So how does a writer feel about their job?

Writers enjoy writing. Writing can be a gratifying experience for both authors and readers alike because it teaches you more about the world. It can shed light on new perspectives and helps create meaning in your life. Finding words to express thoughts and feelings is a powerful form of expression.

There are many types of writers, and each type possesses a unique skill set. Read on to learn more about their unique qualities and how you can find out if writing is for you.

Why Do Authors Like Writing?

Authors enjoy writing because it’s a great way to learn and grow. In addition to self expression, writers can extensively learn about the industries they work in. Fiction writers can improve their tone, mood, and style through a continued writing practice. 

What’s more, if you are lucky enough to make this a career, your work leaves behind something tangible that will last beyond your lifetime. And then there is the reward of seeing someone react with delight or emotion to what you’ve written. What could be better?

Writers also enjoy work schedules that allow them to set their own hours. While many writers have deadlines, they typically have more control over their workflow and the time they put in.

What Types of Writers Are There?

You can really appreciate the craft of writing when you take a look at the world around you. Anywhere you see text, from novels and newspapers to the online world of tweets, blogs posts, status updates or product descriptions you will find a writer.

Here are some common types of writers:

  • Novelists
  • Journalists
  • Copywriters
  • Technical Writers
  • Copy Editors
  • Screenwriters
  • Bloggers
  • Self-Publishers
  • Reviewers
  • Copy Editors
  • Playwrights
  • Poets

Even though there’s a diversity of approaches to writing, all of the above-listed professions share this one thing in common: they’re writing for an audience. This means that you need to care about your audience in order to be a successful writer and combine your talent with your desire to help and engage others with your work.

How Do I Know If I Enjoy Writing?

Starting a personal writing practice is an excellent way to see if you enjoy writing. You can begin by journaling on a regular basis or writing short stories. Identify what brings you joy and stick with it, even if that means going against the grain of traditional expectations for writers.

Take a look at the writing you’ve done in the past. Are there certain subjects you had preferred to write about? Can you identify a distinct style of writing in your work? These questions will help you to refine what type of writing brings you the most joy and help you to decide if you enjoy writing.

You may want to become a writer if you find yourself having an insatiable curiosity about the world, and this includes asking why things are the way they are. You also enjoy being creative and telling stories through writing. Maybe you have been scribbling away in a journal for years or have always loved writing letters to friends.

If you’re generally curious about the world and regularly document your thoughts, then writing may be a good fit for you.

Is Writing a Good Career for Me?

It can be hard to find out if you’re cut out for this, especially since it’s such a subjective experience that varies from one writer to the next. The best way is through experimentation: try your hand at writing and see how it feels! If you like what you’re doing, you may be on your way to a career as a writer.

It’s important for anyone considering this type of work to research the industry and understand how writers make money, what skills they need, and what their potential earning could look like.

Writers who are successful typically have an excellent command of language (both written and spoken) and an ability to see things from different perspectives. They will also need to learn what each client wants and then provide the deliverable.

Writers should also be able to balance their time between many different projects and deadlines. This is a skill that can take some practice. Aspiring writers would do well to work on their timing and writing flow. This can help one to decide  if writing is for them.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately no one can tell you if you enjoy writing but yourself. Asking other writers about their personal experience is a good place to start but remember that they have personal preferences and experiences. What brings you joy is something only you can determine, and it’s the most important thing when considering your future career path as a writer.